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Betty Crocker Maker: Josh Lehenbauer

Josh Lehenbauer looking at the camera leaning on a counter holding a mug with both hands

Pastry is definitely my happy place and favorite thing to bake (hello free therapy), but I’ve never been one to turn down a good cookie, scone, or anything chocolate. I’m not a monster, after all! I l also love a good challenge and constantly looking to other bakers on what to try or master next.

If there’s any lesson he’s learned from baking, it’s to expect and welcome the imperfections, to allow yourself to make mistakes and have fun with the process! I strive to pull back the curtain on my own journey to show you that even the best of us stumble from time to time. Sometimes, soggy bottoms happen—it’s a part of life!

Blog: Josh is Baking
IG handle: @joshisbaking

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Josh Lehenbauer