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Betty Crocker Maker: Hayden Jordan

Hayden Jordan standing at a counter in the kitchen

For as long as I can remember food has been my love language. Whether it’s making my husband’s favorite recipe, dropping off a pie on a neighbor’s front porch, or baking a cookie cake for a friend’s birthday, cooking is my way of connecting with people I care about.

I created Petite Southern Kitchen in 2019 as an extension of that passion and a destination for those who share my joy for simple, delicious Southern dishes. Although I’m a Texas girl, my recipes and style are inspired by my time living in the Deep South. I aim to reflect the contagious hospitality and rich Southern foods I experienced while living there. Now, as a wife and mom, my goal with PSK is to create easy, approachable recipes that bring loved ones around the table.

After all, food tastes best when shared with friends and family.

With love,

Blog: Petite Southern Kitchen
IG handle: @petitesouthernkitchen

Hayden's Recipes

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Hayden Jordan