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Betty Crocker Maker: Haley Williams

Haley Williams sitting on a couch holding a plate of cookies

Haley Williams is a self-taught baker who has a passion for creating recipes from scratch. Her goal is to help you become the best baker while having fun along the way!

For years, Haley has experimented in the kitchen, always keeping an eye out for new recipes to try. She loves whipping up an endless array of creations, and tweaking the recipes as she goes, until she winds up with the desired result.

Haley is native New Englander living in Denver, CO, with her fiancé Ben and golden retriever Hudson. When she’s not baking in the kitchen, Haley enjoys sailing, skiing, hiking, traveling and visiting new restaurants in bakeries.

Blog: If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen
IG handle: @ifyougiveablondeakitchen

Haley's Recipes

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Haley Williams