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Betty Crocker’s Kitchen-Tested Process

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the way new recipes get created in the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens.

Our Kitchen-Tested Process

The world keeps turning, and we keep creating new recipes in the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens. Whether “new” means creating an updated and easy take on a charming classic, like Easy Baked Alaska, or a truly reliable take on the latest recipe trend sweeping Pinterest, we never stop dreaming up ways to make life more delicious. Here’s an inside view on how the recipes on your screen get created.

Developing Recipe Concepts

Our recipe development process starts by looking to you, our home cooks. Editors begin by digging into the comments you leave us on recipes and on social media — your feedback truly is important. Editors are also constantly tracking food trends, keeping tabs on the ingredients, tools and flavors that influence the way we cook today. With those things in mind, editors meet with Betty Crocker Test Kitchens experts to brainstorm recipe concepts. Together, the team creates a list of concepts to turn into recipes that are achievable, reliable and suited to all occasions in life, from everyday meals to Thanksgiving dinner.

Testing Turns a Concept into a Recipe

Recipe concepts would just be pie in the sky if it weren’t for the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens. The professionally trained cooks and bakers in Betty’s Kitchens know the ins and outs of recipe building, understand how ingredients behave and excel at combining the art and science of their field. Each recipe is the result of a vigorous testing process that involves refining flavors and ingredients and uncovering the smartest cooking methods. Testing each recipe enables the Betty Crocker Kitchens to create recipes that are at once delicious, efficient and reliable. It also sets Betty’s recipe apart from so many found online today.

Photography That Tells a Story

Once a recipe has passed the final “check test” to make absolutely certain it works, photography is the next step. Our team of photographers, food stylists and art directors work their magic. Recipes are made as written so the food speaks for itself. Photos are taken on a variety of sets that allow us to swap surfaces, but with kitchen linens and utensils you might find in your own cabinets. Our goal is to show you what you can achieve with each of our carefully developed recipes.

Finally, the Goal of our Work: Publishing

Bringing new and delicious recipes to you is the goal of everything we do at After recipe testing, editing and photography are complete, the final step is unveiling the new recipes on the site. Once the recipes are live, you start to see them in your email inbox, your Facebook feed and featured on our homepage. And we anxiously await your feedback, as it helps to inspire our next round of recipe development!