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Summer’s sweetest hack: DIY ice cream-and-cookie sandwiches

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Foil packs that reinvent grilling

What simplifies clean-up and makes dinner and side dishes a snap? Foil pack recipes! Betty’s got the ultimate how-to for wrapping beef, veggies, fish, and more for a tasty hot-off-the-grill dish that’s both convenient and crowd pleasing.

Cookie of the Week: Peach Melba Crumble Bars

Get ready to turn your fresh fruit into a party-perfect dessert that serves 16! With a sugar cookie crust, peach preserves, and tart raspberries, these Peach Melba Crumble Bars are as sweet as summer itself. And they take only 15 minutes to prepare, thanks to Betty’s sugar cookie mix.

Betty Crocker™ Mug Treats
Betty Crocker™ Mug Treats
Suns out, ovens off! Meet the decadent, warm, and gooey treat that’s super summer friendly. Pop Betty’s single-serve mug treats into the microwave for an anytime indulgence that’s as easy as it is delicious—and it keeps the heat out of your kitchen.
Betty Crocker™ Angel Food Cake Mix
Betty Crocker™ Angel Food Cake Mix
The perfect dessert for any summer occasion! Bake up a wonderfully fresh dessert with Betty’s signature subtly sweet, light, and fluffy texture. Top it with your favorite summer fruits, layer it into a trifle or add it to a refreshing cream cake. No matter how you mix it, you’ll create a cool and satisfying treat that’s a perfect match for summer’s hottest days.