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How to Make Banana Bread Video

Once you try this perfectly moist and flavorful Banana Bread that’s made with buttermilk, you’ll never go back. The buttermilk adds a next-level taste that is hard to top when combined with ripe bananas. Add nuts to your batter for a crunch, or stir in chocolate chips for a sweeter loaf. This recipe is a scratch recipe, but we also have a few shortcuts to banana bread town that are worth exploring like our Easy Cake Mix Banana Bread and, of course, our Betty Crocker™ Banana Nut Pouch Muffin Mixes. With any quick bread, you want to make sure to let it cool completely before slicing (despite how hard it is to resist). If you cut into it too soon, it’ll crumble. Setting aside overripe bananas in the freezer is a great way to avoid food waste and make sure you’re ready to bake when the craving for banana bread strikes. If you just bought some bananas and need to ripen them more quickly, place them in a loosely sealed paper bag for a day or two with an apple. The science behind this trick is that it will concentrate the levels of ethylene gas (this is what fruits give off as they are ripening) and it helps speed up the process. It works on avocados, too! MORE+ LESS-

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