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Slow-Cooker S’mores: Summer’s No-Fuss Treat!

Created January 10, 2017
Bring the campfire indoors and make your s’mores right in the slow cooker for a fuss-free twist on summer’s favorite treat.

Who doesn’t love s’mores in the summertime? Gooey marshmallows and chocolate bars topped with a cinnamon-y graham cracker crunch make it an irresistible sweet treat (albeit a messy one!). Sometimes, though, it’s easier to bring the party indoors, and these slow-cooker s’mores recipes do just that. They’re a completely fuss-free way to make summer’s favorite dessert – you can still enjoy them under the stars – with no worries about rain or mess.

Slow-Cooker S'mores Dip

Slow-Cooker S’mores Dip

Grab all of your favorite fondue dippers (marshmallows, graham crackers, strawberries!) and gather round the slow cooker for a fun twist on classic s’mores. It only requires four ingredients, and tastes delicious ‘til the last dip!

Slow-Cooker Fudgy Smores Cake

Slow-Cooker Fudgy S’mores Cake

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: this super moist fudgy s’mores cake may become your new summer staple. Made easy in the slow cooker, it’s a chocolate delight, topped with classic s’mores fixings like marshmallows and graham crackers. 

Can’t get enough of s’mores? Here are even more s’mores recipes to last you all summer long: