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How to Pack the Perfect Cooler

Created January 10, 2017
Pack a killer cooler for your next adventure with Betty’s favorite snacks and smart tips.
how to pack the ultimate cooler

What to buy: 

Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Granola Bars
Not only are these bars sweet and wholesome snacks on their own, but they work double duty as a topping for yogurt—crumble, sprinkle and eat! 

Made with natural flavors and colors, and not a drop of high fructose corn syrup means you can feel good about packing these portable tubes for your family. Keep them frosty by freezing the night before. 

Yoplait Yogurt
From original and Greek to whipped and filled with fruit, there’s a Yoplait for every eater! We love topping original French vanilla and Greek raspberry with fresh berries and crumbled Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Granola Bars. 

Fruit Gushers
We leave these in the freezer overnight so they double as ice packs. 

Green Giant Baked Sweet Potato Fries
With 60 percent less fat than regular potato chips*, these are feel-good snacks that we often pair with sandwiches. 

Fresh Fruit
We love clementines because they’re easy to peel and come in perfect snack-size portions, and we never venture too far without berries to top yogurt or enjoy on their own. 

String Cheese
Another brilliant no-utensils-necessary snack that takes up almost no room while delivering plenty of calcium. 

A no-brainer on any adventure. We always pack extra for rinsing off sticky hands and sharing with pets on hot days. 

What to make: 

Picnic Chicken Loaf
This fan-favorite sandwich is sturdy and holds up well for traveling and picnics, and with the help of rotisserie chicken, pulling it together is a breeze. 

Suddenly Salad Classic
We like to keep things simple and prepare this classic according to the directions, but if you want to change it up, simply add a few ingredients to make Betty’s Chicken Pasta Salad with Grapes and Poppy Seed Dressing or Southwestern Ranch Pasta Salad

Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix
Cheese and ranch are sure crowd-pleasers, and this snack mix only takes to prepare and serves 26. 

*Green Giant Original Baked Sweet Potato Fries (4g fat per 28g serving) have 60% Less Fat than regular potato chips (10g fat per 28g serving).