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A Pancake Straight from the Pumpkin Patch

By Cassie Rangel
Created November 28, 2022
Celebrate harvest time and make a pumpkin pancake in just a few easy steps!
A Pancake Straight from the Pumpkin Patch

Start mixing your pancake batter in a bowl with this classic Bisquick Pancake recipe. Pour half of the batter into a clear plastic condiment bottle. These bottles are available in most grocery stores and I modify it by cutting a quarter inch off the tip to allow for an easier flow. Then set aside.

slicing apples

Next cut your apple stem. Slice off a portion of a Granny Smith apple and carefully cut out your stem shape using a sharp knife.

outline of pumpkin in batter on griddle

Once your stem is complete, grab your squirt bottle and quickly squeeze your prepared batter onto your heated griddle in a circular motion, creating the outline of your pancake. Let it sit until the bubbles in the batter begin to pop.

filling in the outlines with additional batter

Gently pour batter from your mixing bowl into the remaining recesses. This will allow for a more even appearance, as opposed to using the squirt bottle to fill the gaps. Again, let it sit until bubbles begin to pop and then flip using a large pancake spatula. 

Once it’s ready, slide your pancake onto a plate and add the apple stem. This will be a harvest-themed breakfast sure to impress the family!