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Witch Cauldron Cake

Updated September 29, 2023

While there’s a lot that Dorothy loves about baking, one thing brings her a little more joy than others — showcasing how easy it can be to decorate a cake. We couldn’t agree more!

As her Witch Cauldron Cake recipe proves, you don’t need tons of piping tips or fancy skills to make something showstopping and incredibly fun.

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Betty Crocker Frosting, food coloring, eggs, oil, water, googly eyes decorations, chocolate candies

Inspired by Betty’s Spooky Eyeball Halloween Cake, Dorothy makes a few artistic choices to show off her skills and make an entirely new recipe. The best part? This witchy wonder requires just a few ingredients, so it’s easy to get all of your little goblins involved in the hocus-pocus!

Along with the cake’s decor, Dorothy opts for a few other simple ingredient twists: chocolate cake mix vs. devil’s food, creamy vanilla frosting vs. whipped and — her personal favorite — lots of fun sprinkles and spooky green food coloring. Then with a wave of her magic spatula, abracadabra! Her creation is complete. It all comes together in just under two hours.


No matter how you're celebrating Halloween this year, Dorothy's Witch Cauldron Cake is sure to put a sugary-sweet spell on everyone who tries it!

Let us know what you think of this recipe or feel free to ask a question below! And if you’re on the hunt for more seasonal treat ideas, check out what our other Makers are baking up this month.

Dorothy’s Tips

  • This recipe is super adaptable — it works with any of Betty’s chocolate cake mixes and white frosting (vanilla, cream cheese or whipped).
  • If the frosting is too soft to hold its shape when you start piping the mounds on top of the cake, pop the cake and the pastry bag in the freezer for 10 minutes and then try again.
  • The best part about a witch’s cauldron is that anything spooky can go inside! Feel free to use a variety of cake decorations and make it your own.

Get the Recipe

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