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Betty Crocker Maker: Dorothy Kern

Created July 17, 2023
Dorothy Kern

I’ve been baking my entire life - my mom started me making blueberry muffins and banana bread as a young child, and I still remember buying boxes of yellow cake mix to make cupcakes with! I’ve been baking professionally for over 12 years - the entire time my daughter was in school - and have written two cookbooks.

I love how memories and food are intertwined and, for me, so much of those memories are related to desserts: cupcakes for birthdays, cookies after school, blueberry muffins on Saturday mornings and ice cream on vacation. It’s incredible how the smell of a strawberry or the taste of a brownie will take me back to a moment in time. These memories have turned me into a self-proclaimed sugar enthusiast and I’m here to encourage you to eat that cupcake you’re craving.

I have a daughter just starting college, a husband who is teaching himself to cook, a new house in a new city, and a labradoodle who thinks she’s human. My life is sweet and often crazy but I wouldn’t change a thing! When I’m not in the kitchen or searching for home decor with sprinkles you can find me reading a book, dreaming about my next vacation, or watching reality TV…usually with a cookie in one hand and my phone in the other.

Blog: Crazy for Crust
IG handle: @crazyforcrust

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