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Irish Cream Coffee Bars 2.0

Updated January 11, 2024

No brunch or breakfast would be complete without coffee—and Betty Maker Barrett Radziun’s irresistible twist on Betty’s original Irish Cream Coffee Bars amps up the java!

Barrett’s Irish Cream Coffee Bars 2.0 start with Betty Crocker™ Sugar Cookie Mix and get a boost of rich coffee flavor from Irish cream, coffee liqueur and instant espresso powder. Sweetened condensed milk transforms into an irresistibly gooey confection that’s poured over the coffee-infused, pecan-studded cookie base and topped with the rest of the cookie mixture.

The Irish cream makes these bars boozy—perfect for festive breakfasts and brunches—but the coffee liqueur and instant espresso powder make this sweet caffeinated treat a great choice for any time of day.

The bars are garnished with a cinnamon stick and freshly grated nutmeg for a sweet spin on coffee shop drinks and a cozy nod to the fall and winter months.

Try Barrett’s Irish Cream Coffee Bars 2.0 for your next breakfast or brunch gathering—and if you’re looking for more dessert ideas to try this winter, check out what the rest of our Betty Makers are up to this month!

Inspired by: Irish Cream Coffee Bars

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Barrett’s Tips

  • Whatever instant coffee or instant espresso powder you’re using, make sure it tastes great! If you wouldn’t want to drink it by itself, you probably won’t want it in these bars. There are some excellent products out there, so find a good one that you like!
  • Allow the bars the full amount of time to cool both at room temperature and in the refrigerator. Be patient with the bars as you are cutting them. An offset spatula can help loosen the edges from the pan, and take your time to make sure your cuts are clean before carefully removing the bars one by one from the pan.
  • A little bit of fresh nutmeg goes a long way! It can be tempting to keep grating nutmeg on top of the bars, but the flavor can be quite strong. Use sparingly.

Get the Recipe

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