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Rich & Sweet Butterscotch Treats

Created May 13, 2020
Brown sugar and butter turn rich and creamy in these Betty-approved butterscotch desserts.
Whether you grew up indulging in this old-school flavor or you’ve recently taken a liking to it, these 15 butterscotch dessert recipes will fill your kitchen with the rich, buttery aroma you’ve grown to love. Butterscotch is made from brown sugar, butter, corn syrup and usually a liquid, like heavy cream or water, depending on the recipe. The ingredients are cooked until boiling to bring out the richness and nuttiness that makes butterscotch butterscotch. If you’re a butterscotch purist, try making your own sauce—drizzle it over vanilla ice cream, apple pie or even brownies. But for those of you love this flavor baked into sweet treats or swirled into to creamy frostings, you’ve definitely come to the right place.