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Potato Salads That Go with Anything

Created April 10, 2018
Whether you like your potato salad cold and creamy, German style or without the mayo, Betty's got a recipe to round out your meal!

If you want to make perfect potato salad every time, there’s something you must know and that is the difference between baking potatoes and boiling potatoes. When making potato salad, you want a boiling potato, like a Katahdin, which is a variety of white potatoes. Boiling potatoes are waxy with higher moisture content and lower starch, which allows them to retain their shape after cooking. They are usually small and round. Look for red, blue, purple — yes, they do come in these exotic colors! — and fingerling potatoes at the market. New potatoes, which are exactly what they sound like, i.e. fresh potatoes, available in spring and early summer, are particularly good in potato salad. Using the right type of potato ensures you end up with the perfect creamy texture and a pleasant eating experience – intact chunks, instead of sloppy mash.

Other tips for making and serving potato salad, include the following.

  • For food safety reasons, you don’t want to leave any potato salads out for longer than two hours, especially any salads containing mayo, dairy or eggs.
  • Potatoes will keep for two weeks when stored in a cool (45F to 60F), dry, dark and well-ventilated place.
  • Mix-ins are a great way to customize classic recipes, like Creamy Potato Salad or Favorite Potato Salad. Some of our favorites include: bacon, pickles, dill, chives and parsley. But don’t stop here, let your taste buds be your guide!

For even more ways to turn your potatoes into hearty salads, check out the all of Betty’s best potato salad recipes.