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All-You-Can-Eat Apps!

Updated October 30, 2019
Call them apps, small plates, hors d’oeuvres or finger food. No matter the name, no one can get enough of these flavor-packed and totally addicting appetizer recipes. So, next time you want to wow the crowd, look to this list of Betty’s best appetizer recipes for saucy meatballs, creamy dip and so much more. Then, stand back and watch your app get devoured!

Now that you’ve got all the app ideas, prepare to impress your guests with these tips for planning your menu and serving with style.

Choosing Appetizers

  • Depending on the occasion, you might want to make a meal of appetizers or just snack on one or two tasty morsels before the main dish.
  • Select a menu with an eye toward different food flavors and textures. For larger groups, choose both hot and cold appetizers for variety and ease of serving. Be mindful of oven space when planning hot choices and don’t forget about the slow cooker – it can really help when you’re pressed for space.
  • Plan for two to three pieces of each appetizer per person. Many recipes can easily be doubled or tripled.
  • Estimate how many guests will be in attendance and when and where you’ll serve the food before deciding what appetizers to make.
  • Make recipes or parts of recipes ahead as much as possible.

Serving with Style

  • Choose a place for the food that guests can easily access. For a larger gathering, set up several areas with different appetizers so guests can help themselves at their leisure.
  • Consider your theme and who will attend, then decorate and set the table or buffet area ahead of time. Think about serving – will the event require equipment such as a fondue pot, slow cooker or hot plate? • Make cutlery bundles wrapped in paper or cloth napkins for apps that require utensils
  • Unless it is a sit-down occasion, choose appetizers that are easy to pick up.
  • Serve apps in interesting containers – pretty plates/bowls, hollowed-out loaves of bread, fun baskets, etc …

If appetizers are only the beginning of your party planning, you need to read Betty’s article on How to Succeed at Hosting (Without Really Trying)[] for all the details necessary to pulling off the perfect party.

And don’t even think this is the end of the line, Betty’s got even more appetizer recipes where these came from!