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Slam-Dunk Gathering

Created January 10, 2017
It's basketball tournament time! Gather your friends and gear up for the games. Perfect from tip-off to the final buzzer, our food ideas and party snacks will have you cheering for more than just your favorite team.
Kansas City BBQ Nachos

Basketball parties can range from large get-togethers of avid sports fans to small groups of friends who simply want to enjoy the tournament’s excitement and drama. No matter what size gathering you are planning, our ideas will make sure your party is a success!

Getting Started

  • Send a basketball-themed online invitation or email.
  • Encourage party attendees to wear their team's colors.
  • Print out brackets so your attendees can guess the winning basketball teams. Award a prize for the one who gets the most picks right.

Celebrate with Great Party Food Ideas

Basketball tournament season is the perfect time to celebrate with your favorite party foods infused with your favorite party beverage—beer! The Betty Bracket includes 16 of the best appetizer and game day recipes, made with—you guessed it—beer!

Here are some of our favorite beer sweets:

Check out our favorite beer bites:

Add More Spirit with Team Colors!

Serving team color-inspired foods is a great way to take your team spirit to the next level. Make these Team Color treats using your favorite school's colors to personalize them and give your party an extra dose of team spirit!