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How to Throw a Pizza Party

Created January 10, 2017

Inspired to get our kids more involved in the kitchen, we did what Betty does best: threw a pizza party in the Betty Crocker Kitchens! We set out sauces, easy-to-make pizza crusts, countless toppings and loads of cheese—and encouraged the kids to play with their food. We had so much fun we thought we’d share some tips for hosting your own pizza party at home.

  1. Start with a partially baked base. We used Pillsbury refrigerated artisan pizza crust with whole grain, cut into squares. You could also make your own crust from scratch. For more flavor, try Garlic Butter Pizza Crust or Parmesan Pizza Crust—both of which start with a can of Pillsbury artisan pizza crust. 
  2. Set out a trio of sauces: Easy Tomato Pizza Sauce, Parmesan White Pizza Sauce and Spinach Pesto. When it comes to being creative, it’s important to have options. Plus, our recipe for pesto provides an easy way to sneak in a serving of spinach.
  3. Ready, set, decorate! This is where kids can let their inner artist shine. It’s also the time for picky eaters to get exactly what they want, and for the everything-eaters to load it up. (Just keep those overloaded pizzas in mind when it comes to cooking. Lots of toppings require more bake time.)
  4. Once the pizzas are decorated, it’s time for the hard part: waiting for them to bake. Pass the time by taking turns creatively naming each signature pie and drawing up a custom menu so everyone can place their order at your homespun pizzeria.