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Bebe Shower

Created January 10, 2017
Ooh-la-la! There’s a bebe on board. Forget the traditional pasta salads and candy bar diaper game, and make a new mama feel très chic with a French-themed bebe shower.

Set the Stage

Inspired by nature with floral and pastoral elements, a French country look is easy to attain. Arrange flower bouquets in tin pails, clay pitchers, or baskets. Pick a color palette and mix and match fabrics of different patterns and textures—floral, check, and toile are traditional—or use cheesecloth for an inexpensive and rustic touch. Hang elegant paper lanterns or tissue-paper poms above the table, and check Etsy or your nearby party store for French-themed décor.

Food Pour le Bebe

Pregnant women have to watch their intake of certain foods, for example soft cheeses and some fish. Other foods, such as orange juice, figs and broccoli, provide much-needed nutrients during pregnancy. Keep this in mind as you plan your menu. Better yet, call the mom-to-be and ask her what foods she’s been craving (pickle ice cream anyone?) Note: It’s okay to serve alcohol at a baby shower, but be sure to provide a special non-alcoholic option for the guest of honor.

Keep it Classy

The French epitomize quality and refinement. A French shower is the perfect opportunity to ditch the paper and plastic and use your fine China and flatware. Try to pick shower games that are inclusive and invite stories and conversation among your guests. For example, ask everyone to bring her baby picture and have fun guessing who’s who or create baby names using only the letters in the parent(s) first names.

Send Mama to the Spa

Help the new mom relax before her big arrival. Create a French spa-like atmosphere with Lavender Lemonade and a French-manicure station. Send guests home with this Lemon Sugar Body Scrub or other homemade spa products.

Fleur-de-Lis Favors

Speaking of party favors, you can also take them straight off the table. Decorate with iris bouquets, a national emblem of France (depicted in the fleur-de-lis) and send them home with the mom-to-be and guests. Or infuse the famous scent of Provence: set the table with potted lavender plants and invite guests to take them home.