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Spooky Foods Made Simple

By Corey Valley
Created January 10, 2017
Looking for some fuss-free food ideas to surprise and delight your little goblins this Halloween? Betty blogger Corey Valley shares a few of her family's favorites.

Serving quirky Halloween food is just one of many ways to enjoy the holiday with your family. These easy kid-friendly Halloween food ideas take mere minutes to make, and will leave your little monsters smiling from ear to ear.


This dinner is easy to put together and is perfect for making before your kids head out to trick-or-treat! Simply serve hamburgers with a slice of cheese, cut out like a jack-o'-lantern. I used a small paring knife to carve out my pumpkin faces.


EEK! There's a creepy crawler in my drink! This idea is as easy as freezing gummy worms in your child's favorite clear beverage using an ice cube tray. Once frozen, add to a fruity drink for a kid-friendly creepy cocktail.


Make Halloween breakfast memorable and serve up some ghost thost. Before placing your bread in the toaster oven, cut a small hole out from the lower half of the bread. After toasting, add two "eyes" made out of jelly. Your boring old toast has now been transformed into a breakfast fit for a ghoul!

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