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Quick and Easy Halloween Dinners

Created January 10, 2017
Mummys and spiders and webs, oh my! Three easy family meals for your night of fright and fun.

Spooky Spiderweb Pizza 

With the help of refrigerated pizza crust, this web of deliciousness is ready in just 35 minutes. To make the web, fill a small plastic food-storage bag with alfredo sauce, cut a tiny cut in the corner and drizzle. Boo! An instantly scary supper.


Crescent Mummy Dogs 

Dinner is a wrap with hot dogs and crescent rolls. This spooky spin on classic crescent dogs pleases goblins of all ages. Just cut crescents into even strips, wrap and bake for a quick meal at home or to take on road for an evening of tricking and treating.


Tarantula Tacos 

Halloween’s the only night each year that we invite spiders to the table. We love how these olive arachnids make tacos tempting and terrifying at the same time. For each spider, top taco with an olive, pitted end down. Cut a second olive lengthwise into eight pieces, place around for legs, and squeeze two dots of sour cream on for the eyes.