Keep Christmas Baking Traditions with these Kid-Friendly Recipes

Created January 10, 2017
Count down to Santa’s arrival by baking batches of cookies and festive treats together. From an adorably easy gingerbread house to chocolate chip reindeers, these quick-fix recipes are as fun to make as they are to eat. MORE+ LESS-

Baking Christmas cookies with grandma, mom or dad is a memory so many of us cherish. Now that it’s time to pass the tradition along to the next generation, pick from Betty’s easy baking recipes for kids and share an experience everyone will treasure for years to come.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to make the most of your kitchen time with kiddos.

  1. Short and sweet recipes work well for young kids. We love these 5-ingredient Christmas cookie hacks, because they include lots of fun kid-friendly tasks, like pressing on candies, adding sprinkles and more!
  2. There’s no reason kids with allergies or food sensitives shouldn’t enjoy Christmas baking, too. Find a recipe for your little one among these Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies.
  3. Want to make part of your recipe ahead? Get all the tips for decorating and more from Betty’s Cookie Cheat Sheet.
  4. Betty’s got lots of experience baking with kids. If you want to know what kinds of tasks are appropriate for kids of various ages, check out her article on Baking Cookies with Kids.

In a merry mood? there are plenty more Christmas cookie recipes out there for you to explore. And after the season ends, keep Betty’s dessert recipes at your fingertips, so you can keep up the tradition of baking with your kids!