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Halloween 2020: DIY Halloween Treats

Created October 13, 2020
Wondering if Halloween 2020 will still be a fun celebration of all things spooky and delicious? We know there may be less knocking at your door and fewer bumps in the night, but there are still delicious and safe ways to keep your imagination running and the spooky treats coming. We have put together a list of DIY Halloween treats that can be individually wrapped for safe celebrating with family and friends. Remember to wash your hands!
Now there's nothing holding you back from being the best baking ghoul on the block. Call over the kids to help you put these individual Halloween treats together and pack them into individual bags that you can serve on your driveway...because the best part of baking, is doing it together safely.

Betty's Tips for Safe Halloween Sharing

  • If you're preparing your goodie bags, remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after preparing the bags.
  • Ever heard of one-way trick-or-treating? Line up your individually wrapped goodie bags at the end of your driveway, or the edge of the yard for families and fiends to grab at a safe distance.
  • Create a goodie scavenger hunt in your front yard. Hide your safely wrapped goodie bags behind yard decorations for your neighbors to find.
  • Deliver your goodies to your neighbors' driveways and front yards before the sun goes down. You'll miss the masses and still be the sweet one on the block.