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3 Super-Easy Holiday Lunchboxes

By Corey Valley
Created December 5, 2022
As you countdown to the holiday break, celebrate each day with a fun and festive lunch.

Kids can get a bit antsy during the weeks leading up to Christmas. As the closer that calendar gets to the 25th, the more their heads are full of Santa and sleigh bells, not math books and gym class. But who can blame them?

While I can't make Christmas come any faster, I can make the wait a little more exciting by packing up some festive holiday lunches. Getting through the last few days before school lets out is a lot easier when my kiddos know they have something special to look forward to at lunchtime.

Adding some festive spirit to your kiddo’s lunch can be as easy as packing a couple holiday-colored foods. Here I sliced some red and green apples and added a couple colored candies to some trail mix. So easy! I also packed some of our favorite Peanut Butter Chex Muddy Buddies along with cheese with mini sausages.


Want to bring some snowman magic to lunch? Simply cut your child's favorite sandwich into a circle and add on a couple raisin eyes, mouth and a carrot nose. Mini marshmallows make perfect edible snow to surround your friendly snowman. To complete this lunch, I added some fresh kiwi, pomegranate and broccoli.


In a similar vein, Christmas-themed cookie cutters can be used to turn any sandwich into a ton of fun with one push. Take the top slice of bread from your sandwich, and cut out a festive shape. Place it back on your sandwich. You can serve this as-is, or if you have a sweet sandwich like peanut butter and jelly, fill in the shape with some festive sprinkles. To round out this lunch, I packed some celery, tomatoes, pretzels and some Gushers.


Are you packing any Christmas-themed lunches for your kiddos this month? If so, I’d love to hear what you’re making! If you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out my Countdown to Christmas and Easy Snowman Sandwich lunchbox posts from last year!