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3 Awesome Leprechaun-Approved Lunch Boxes

Created January 10, 2017
Give your kids a lunch worth a pot of gold with these ideas for a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day.

Give them a reason to smile when they open their lunch box this St. Patrick’s day with a lunch worth a pot o’ gold! Your kids will be sure to love these fun and festive lunches!


You don’t need a four-leaf clover to make this lunch lucky thanks to a leprechaun turkey sandwich! To make the sandwich, use a round cookie cutter to create two circular pieces of bread. Add any type of deli meat you’d like and a piece of cheese. To create the leprechaun’s beard, shave a carrot using a large cheese grater. For the lips, a small piece of red pepper works great. His nose is simply a circular piece of cheese. We used black olives for both his eyes and the black portion of his hat. To make his jolly green hat, cut a green bell pepper in half horizontally, then cut in half again vertically. The buckle is easy! Cut strips of cheese to create a rectangular outline, and a small strip of cheese to create the fastener. Add a few more carroty locks underneath his hat, and, voila! You’ve got a lucky leprechaun waiting to greet your little one. We also packed a mini apple pie Larabar, a cheddar cheese stick, and a Gogurt so little tummies stay full until dinnertime.


Our second lunch is an easier approach to a festive feast. The shamrock tortilla sandwich is a breeze. We dyed Old El Paso tortillas green using 6 drops of green food coloring mixed with 2 tablespoons of water and brushed on with a basting brushed. Next, we piled on the ham and cheese, and then using a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter created the cutout sandwich. To make the pepper “rainbow”, we diced green, yellow, orange and red peppers leading up to a pot of goldfish crackers.

If there’s anything better than one rainbow in your lunch, it’s two rainbows in your lunch! Using this recipe we made small batches of rainbow-colored Chex mixture and piled one on top of the other to create a rainbow-layered treat. Lastly, for fruity flare, we included yummy Gushers and of course, a bunch of green grapes.


Our final lucky lunch is a true St. Paddy’s delight. We created a festive Reuben-inspired roll-up using a dyed tortilla slathered with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, and deli-corned beef. And because a leprechaun-approved lunch isn’t complete without a green top hat, we made two out of tasty cucumbers and cheese! To create, simply cut a 1-inch section of a cucumber and slice in half to create the top portion of both hats. Do the same with a two-inch portion to create the brim. Connect the pieces using a toothpick. For the band and buckle, we used thin slices of mozzarella cheese and little square pieces of cheddar cheese. We secured them using toothpicks as well. Make sure the toothpicks are visible so your kiddo doesn’t miss them! For a sweet treat, we made the delicious Easy Grasshopper Bars and packed some green grapes for a yummy snack. 

From clever shamrocks sandwiches to almost too-cute-to-eat leprechaun hats, these three St. Patrick’s Day lunchboxes are sure to charm your little ones and leave them feeling lucky and loved.