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Spring Lunchboxes

By Corey Valley
Created January 10, 2017
Great creative with lunchtime with 5 fresh meals your kids will happily eat.

As a Mom, I know trying to find a balanced and healthy variety that kids will actually eat can get a bit monotonous. Help is here! Try out a few of these spring-themed lunches to bring a little fun back to lunchtime.


Here I have made a simple deli box, filled with lunch meat, cheese, celery, Mott's Medley Fruit Snacks, crackers and a fruit salad. Simply cut out your deli meat and cheese with a small flower cookie cutter to create a fun, spring-has-sprung feel.

Spring Lunchbox - Deli Box

For this lunch, there is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Fiber One Chewy Strawberry PB&J bar, cucumber slices and oranges topped with a raspberry. To make this sandwich, I used a flower cookie cutter to cut out the sandwich. Next, I removed a small section of bread from the top of the sandwich and added sprinkles.

Spring Lunchbox Ideas - Flower

When I think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind are butterflies. This spring salad has been topped with cheese butterflies and is packed with a Yoplait GoGurt , On-the-Run Cereal Snack and a hard-boiled egg.

Spring Lunchbox Ideas - Butterfly Salad

For the next lunch, I packed a Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap, carrots and grapes in muffin cups, a Mott's Medley Cherry Berry cup and some crunchy corn chips.

Spring  Lunchbox - Banana Wrap

And last but not least, there is this lunch, featuring a sun-shaped sandwich, surrounded by pretzels and yogurt covered raisins. In the side compartments, I packed some cucumbers, carrots and fresh strawberries to round it out nutritionally. The details on the sun are candy eyes and a cucumber mouth!

Spring Lunchbox Ideas - Sunny day

Do you have any favorite ways to add special, seasonal touches to your kiddos’ lunches? If so, leave a comment so we can swap ideas!