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Feed Everyone for $15 (or Less!)

Updated July 31, 2017
Save money and splurge on flavor with dinners that feed the whole family for less than $2.50 per serving. Bonus: most can be prepped in 30 minutes or less!

Mexican Night


Turn an ordinary Tuesday into a taco party and spice up your week on the cheap. With ground beef and beans, a little seasoning and cheese, Mexican dishes are often affordable ways to enjoy big flavor. This Fiesta Taco Casserole with a salsa kick is the perfect example.

Kids Favorites


Keep things simple. With just a few basic ingredients, these picky-palate pleasers help stretch the family dollar. And at less than a dollar per serving, Mom’s Macaroni and Cheese is a favorite you’ll come back to again and again.

Meaty Meals


No need to rule out the robust flavors of meaty dishes when you’re watching your wallet. Choose inexpensive cuts like ground beef and buy in bulk to get the most bang for your buck. This Slow Cooker Steak and Potatoes Dinner rings up at just $1.32 per serving.

Chicken Tonight

Honey Sriracha Chicken Tenders

Chicken dinner is an easy winner. If you’re running short on recipes for this weeknight staple, try a few of our favorites. At just $1.55 a serving, these new Honey Sriracha Chicken Tenders have both the sweetness and spice to appeal to kids and adults alike.

Restaurant Favorites


Stick to your budget and satisfy your family’s craving for takeout by recreating restaurant-quality Chinese and Italian dishes at home, like this Spicy Parmesan Meatballs with Angel Hair Pasta.

Pasta & Pizza Party

White Bean and Spinach Pizza

Pizza and pasta are reliable, inexpensive crowd-pleasers. To save even more dough, reach for the dry ingredients in your pantry and dress them up in a new way like we did with this White Bean and Spinach Pizza.

Come home after a long day to the slow cooker doing the heavy lifting. Dinner: done!