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Chinese Take-Out at Home

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
Put a Chinese spin on family night with homemade fortune cookies (they’re so easy!), Chinese take-out inspired food and tips for making this a night you won’t soon forget.

Creating a fun family night is a cinch when you start with a theme. Take for example Chinese take-out, my family’s favorite. Chinese food is loved the world over. Rice, noodles, seafood and soy sauce come together for an almost infinite number of dinner ideas. Plus, who doesn’t like to eat with chopsticks? 

But all of this deliciousness comes at a cost. Ordering in for a family of five really puts a dent in our budget. So now we have Chinese take-out night at home! It’s a great opportunity to bond and helps us save our pennies.

Chinese Take Out Night at Home

To make your own Chinese take-out family fun night, I have a slew of suggestions. Do as many or as little as you like. And don’t forget get the kids involved; I’ve found the more hands-on they get to be, the more they enjoy themselves and the food we share.

Chinese Night at Home

Make Homemade Fortune Cookies
Start the night out by making your own fortune cookies. Everyone can help; it’s easier than you think! All you need is refrigerated piecrust and a few basic tools. The best part? Personalizing your fortunes! You can have everyone contribute, or surprise your family with funny jokes. Just write on slips of paper or print them out for a more authentic feel.

Chinese Night at Home

Serve Steamy Chinese Entrees
Wanchai Ferry® Frozen dinner entrees make your main course a breeze so you have more time to focus on fun. Choose from Orange Chicken, Szechwan Style Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Beef & Broccoli, Sweet & Spicy Shrimp, Sweet & Sour Chicken, General Tso’s Spicy Garlic Chicken, or Shrimp Lo Mein. 

There is something to satisfy every craving. And in just 14 minutes you’ll have restaurant quality Chinese food without all the work. Serve it buffet style so everyone can help themselves, or purchase inexpensive Chinese take-out containers (available at most party stores) and let everyone put together their own box.

Chinese Take Out Night at Home

Learn How To Properly Use Chopsticks
While dinner is cooking, practice your chopsticks skills. Here’s a quick tutorial: Tuck chopstick under thumb and hold tightly. Add second chopstick, holding it like you would a pencil. Continue to hold first chopstick in original position. Only move second chopstick in up and down motion. Pinch the food you would like to pick up. If you need a more visual tutorial, do a search on YouTube. You’ll want to have chopsticks for each family member and practice picking up small items (popcorn, marshmallows) to get ready for dinner. 

Learn How to Count to Ten in Chinese
Again, the internet is your friend. I’ve always found it easier to pick up foreign words when I hear them spoken in their native language. This is guaranteed to be a good time. 

Make Your Own Paper Lanterns
Either before of after dinner, indulge in a little craft time! Download a free template to make your own paper lantern and use them to decorate the children’s room with as a memento of your special night. Or make them before dinner and use to decorate the table.

Chinese Take Out Night at Home

Get Festive
Use bamboo steamers, Chinese take-out boxes, chopsticks, lanterns, and bright beautiful Asian inspired plates to complete the experience. 

Getting your family around the table to have a meal can and should be fun. With a little planning and help from Wanchai Ferry® you can have a memorable Chinese take-out meal at home that your family will love!