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Dessert Recipes that Fit Your Schedule

Created August 9, 2023
Whether you have oodles of baking time or are trying to fit just one recipe into your day, we have a dessert recipe that’s a perfect fit for your schedule.

From 10-Minute Prep to Procrastibaking, We’ve Got You Covered!

Baking can be so many things — a hobby, a passion, a distraction, a way to decompress and something we just love to do and will always make room for in our life.

But not all days come with oodles of baking time! Some days, you’ll have an hour or two to spend baking. On other days, you may need to squeeze it in between running kids to practice and picking up the dry cleaning. And then there are the days that tempt you to skip your ever-growing to-do list of laundry, vacuuming and cleaning out the fridge for a full afternoon of procrastibaking. (No judgment here! Those tasks will get done eventually.)

No matter how much time you have to bake, we have a delicious dessert that’s a perfect fit.

10-Minute Prep

15-Minute Prep

20-Minute Prep

25-Minute Prep

30-Minute Prep

40-Minute Prep