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Under the Sea Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
Under the Sea Birthday Party
Splish splash, it’s a birthday bash! Make it a memorable day of under-the-sea adventures for your child and little friends. The cake, decorations and activities are oh-so-easy and sure to add waves of fun!

Under-the-Sea Eats

Give your little fishies something to munch on!

fruit sandwiches

Little Fish Fruit Sandwiches 

So adorable and healthy too! When the kids need something to chow on, present a tray of these fish-shaped sandwiches made out of apple slices topped with cream cheese, strawberries, grapes, oranges and blueberries!

chex mix

Under-the-Sea Snack Mix 

Every deep-sea fisher needs a snack for the journey ahead. This one includes delicious Chex™ Cereal, popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, Betty Crocker™ frosting, blue coarse sugar, and gummy fish and worm candies. Definitely a sweet snack all will enjoy!

kiddie cocktail punch

Blue Fish Kiddie Cocktails 

A taste of the ocean is a lot yummier when you use blue colored punch! Use a clear fish bowl to house the kiddie cocktail and paint the bowl with an under-the-sea design using white chocolate and food coloring. Use your preferred choice of flavored juice mix, but find a flavor that’s blue, like berry.

fish birthday cake

Big Fish Cake and Little Fish Cupcakes

You can make the ultimate under-the-sea cake using Betty Crocker™ cake mix and delicious décor by turning it into a colorful fish (and mini fish cupcakes) that will capture the attention of all partygoers!

fishing party game

Gone Fishin’ Activity 

Remember this gem as a kid? The excitement lives on! Hang a string between some trees outside or somewhere in your house. Then, attach a blue sheet with two clothespins to make the “sea.” Download the colorful fishies to pin or tape onto the sheet. For a fishing pole, you can buy wooden dowel and affix a clothespin to it. Each kid will get to cast their line into the sea. Have an adult stand on the other side of the sheet (watch your head!) and clip a prize like candy, coloring books, bubbles or whatever else floats their boat.

cookie party favors

Party Favors 

We all know how much kids love party favors! Since they’ll be collecting prizes during the Gone Fishin’ activity, they’ll already have something to go home with. On top of that, have these yummy fish cookies baked and bagged for the road. Seal with a ribbon and a cute, printable little sticker or tag.

On top of that, have these yummy fish cookies baked and bagged for the road.

under the sea party invitations


Just fill out these free printable invites and that’s it! Send them off to your child’s favorite friends and set the stage for under-the-sea excitement!

under the sea birthday banner


Use this printable happy birthday banner to welcome guests and set the stage for an under-the-sea adventure.