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Robots Rule! Birthday Party

Created January 10, 2017
Robots Rule Birthday Party
What fun you’ll have treating your birthday child and friends to an out-of-this-world party featuring our awesome Robot Cake!

The robots are coming! What fun you’ll have treating your birthday child and friends to an out-of-this-world party featuring our awesome Robot Cake, more great food and fun activities. Whether inspiration comes from favorite movies like Wall E, Robots and The Transformers series, or your budding inventor just likes building robot toys from building bricks, there are plenty of ideas out there to transform your party space into an otherworldly encounter!

Party Invitations

  • Make do-it-yourself invitations or choose from many robot-themed choices online or at party stores.

Party Decorations

  • Use child’s robot or transformer toys as table decorations, letting their colors provide the color palette of the party.
  • Shiny aluminum foil works magic at this party. Think foil baking pans for plates or serveware. Silvery Mylar balloons are a good choice.
  • Robot-themed party decorations are very popular. You’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration at party stores and online sources.

Party Games & Activities

  • Collect kid-size cardboard boxes and decorating supplies found at party stores, dollar stores or the hardware. Cut holes for arms. Let kids create robot costumes to wear while playing games.
  • Or use cereal boxes and recycled cans to build robot creatures.
  • Score a close-out on metal or colorful plastic pasta strainers and turn into robot headgear! Use a couple of them when planning relay races; use for each child as a party favor
  • Plan a “treasure hunt,” using favorite story to provide the action or problem needing solving!
  • Use ideas with Lego® building bricks and transformer toys to create contests—tallest robot, best robot made while blindfolded, fastest motherboard or robot assembly while wearing rubber gloves.

Food Fun & Favors

  • Wrap Turkey-Spinach Wraps in foil for serving.
  • Skip the sandwiches for young partygoers. Arrange munchies in symmetrical patterns in sections of divided food trays, using foods such as snack crackers, vegetable slices and sticks, fresh fruit chunks, dried apricots or raisins. Add ranch dressing or yogurt to smallest section for dipping.
  • Send kids home with some Giant Polka Dot Cookies in a bag decorated with shiny ribbon and a robot keychain or zipper pull as a treat.