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How to Practice R.A.C.K. (Random Acts of Cookie Kindness)

By Megan DeKok
Created January 10, 2017
In honor of National Cookie Month, we asked Betty blogger Megan DeKok to share her favorite way of spreading kindness. (Three-word hint: Giant. Chocolate. Crinkles.)
starting to place cookie in cookie packaging

Aren't we lucky to interact with great people on a daily basis? I think saying "thank you" to these awesome folks cookie-style is the way to go. In celebration of National Cookie Month, I baked up some giant chocolate crinkles for some of my favorite people to savor for days or to share with a friend. I popped over to my pup's vet to drop of a few. I put one in my purse to give to the mustached parking lot attendant. And I was sure to bring some to my co-workers and favorite boutique owner. I'd like them all to know how special they are!

cookie in and out of labeled package

I made a cookie-jar classic, Chocolate Crinkles, but instead of making dainty cookies, I made large ones by measuring out the dough in a 1/3-cup measuring cup. Then I rolled them in powdered sugar, flattened them slightly and popped them in the oven for 20 minutes.

cooking packaging with labels, string and hole-punch

After they cooled I packaged them up in 4 ¾- by 6 ¾-inch glassine bags. I folded over the tops of the bags twice, punched a hole on the left side, and attached the cookie tags using a piece of twine. And you can print these labels out and pass out cookies too! Simply print, punch a hole where the "x" is on each label, punch a hole in the bag, and tie them on. Easy, breezy.

Can you think of anyone in particular that deserves a cookie in your life? It can be anyone from that nice lady you see at Starbucks every day when you pop by for your daily dirty chai or it could be the unappreciated intern at your office. Feel free to give them to new friends too! Like a neighbor who just moved in, or the person you see watering the lawn every day, or that fella who rides his bike by while your dog barks at him all rude-like. They all deserve a cookie, and maybe they’ll even offer to split it with you.

Get the printable cookie tags here!

cookies in labeled packages