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10 Secret Chili Ingredients

Created October 20, 2021

When the weather takes a dip in temperature, there's only one thing on our mind… chili. No matter if you're whipping up a pot for some football tailgating goodness or it's your go-to comfort food, we have everything you need to make your fave meal even better!

Looking for unique chili ingredients? We got 'em! Secret chili ingredients? You bet! Classic, good chili ingredients? Of course. No need to thank us, you know we've got your back.

Let's dive in!

Whether you’re an adventurous chili eater or prefer to keep it classic, you can’t go wrong with any of these recipes. Chili is the ultimate fall comfort meal, and just remember, when it comes to toppings… don’t let anyone tell you how much to add, you measure that with your heart.