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Shrimp Fried Rice

By Angie McGowan
Created January 10, 2017
Toss your takeout menu and whip this easy, veggie-packed meal up in minutes.

I had learned how to make fried rice when I was younger. It would have been the perfect fast-cook meal when I was in college, a welcome change from ramen noodles. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn how to make it until a few years ago. It’s a shame too, because fried rice is one of the easiest, cheapest and tastiest meals you can make at home. All you need is leftover rice, eggs and vegetables.


You can use any combination of vegetables you like, so long as you chop them into bite-sized pieces. I used broccoli, carrots and snow peas in this recipe. You can also just use a frozen bag of mixed vegetables or stir fry vegetables. 

To make this fried rice stand out, I add a pound of shrimp. They dress up the dish nicely, in addition to upping the protein. For even more protein, and lots of flavor, I add scrambled eggs cooked in sesame seed oil. These two ingredients combined make this an irresistible dish that’s on the table in minutes.