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Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate

Created January 10, 2017
With the chilly days of winter in full swing, the best way to warm up your insides is with this delightfully creamy homemade hot cocoa.

With a blast of snow blowing against the windowpanes, it might seem counter intuitive to purchase a big old carton of ice cream.  But this ice cream isn’t for eating.  It’s for melting, and stirring, and sipping from a warm steaming mug. 

That’s right!  This simple hot cocoa has the most surprising secret ingredient: Melted ice cream! And it’s positively dreamy.

In this recipe, the classic flavor of cookie dough ice cream is melted in a pot, then mixed with all sorts of delicious additions until a sweet, creamy mixture results.  Topped with a smidgen of whipping cream and handfuls of Cookie Crisp® cereal, this cocoa is one indulgence that will make you feel like a kid again.

As if a cup full of homemade Cookie Dough Cocoa isn’t delicious enough, there are even more fun hot cocoa flavors to be made because this recipe is incredibly versatile.  Just change the flavor of ice cream in the mix, top it with your favorite cereal, and you’ve got a cup full of awesomeness!

This cocoa recipe is so versatile, you can just swap out the cookie dough ice cream for one of these flavors for a fun twist on classic hot cocoa.

  • Peanut Butter Cocoa: Use peanut butter ice cream and garnish with Reese’s Puffs® cereal.

  • Double Chocolate Crunch Cocoa: Use chocolate ice cream with Cocoa Puffs®.

  • Lucky Vanilla Bean Crème Cocoa: Use vanilla bean ice cream and top with Lucky Charms®.

  • Mexican Caramel Cocoa: Use dulce de leche ice cream and garnish with Cinnamon Toast Crunch®.

The simple delight of a unique-tasting cocoa topped with your favorite cereal is about as cool as winter desserts can possibly get. Enjoy!  

Cookie Dough Cocoa

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