10 Must-Have Cookie Tools

Created January 10, 2017
Having the right tools in the kitchen makes baking fast, easy and fun. Here are a few of our favorites. MORE+ LESS-

Cookie sheets
Shiny smooth-surface or textured aluminum cookie sheets are recommended because they reflect heat, ensuring cookies bake evenly and brown properly. 

Cookie Scoops
A spring-handled cookie or ice-cream scoop makes quick work of forming cookie dough into equal-sized portions. They come in various sizes referred to by number. (The larger the number, the smaller the scoop.) 

Silicone Mat
Silicone mats prevent foods from sticking to pans (no greasing necessary!). They’re also great for rolling cookie and pie dough, since the dough easily releases from mat. 

Plastic Spatula
Look for a heat resistant variety of this must-have kitchen tool for folding, stirring and scraping. 

Betty's Picks
Check out Betty Crocker’s own Cookie Set, which includes a perfectly thin cookie turner, as well as a timer and a cookie scoop. 

Cooling Racks
Use a rack to cool cookies quickly, allowing air to get underneath and stop them baking on the hot cookie sheet. This triple-stacked rack does the job for super holiday cookie batches, so your cookie exchange doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen. 

Stand Mixer
Preferred by professional chefs for the ease of hands-free mixing, a stand mixer is typically more powerful (and quicker) than using a hand mixer, so it can handle thicker, stiffer mixtures. 

Betty Crocker's Cooky Book
Packed with hundreds of all-time favorite cookie recipes, this cookbook includes everything from the most basic drop, bar and rolled cookies to more elaborate cookies and confections for holidays and entertaining.