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Ranch Cornbread Muffins

By Stephanie Wise
Created January 10, 2017
Combine buttermilk ranch dressing with shortcut cornbread in this easy and delicious muffin recipe. Perfect for pairing with Progresso’s new home-style chili!

Picture this: It’s chili night, and a pot of hearty, meaty Progresso chili is heated on the stove, ready to be served. You gather around the table, ladle the chili into bowls, load each of them up with your favorite toppings, and then you realize it. You’re missing the key pairing to delicious chili….cornbread muffins. 

Thankfully, this recipe for ranch cornbread muffins can come to your rescue! It’s so quick and so easy and oh-so-flavorful. If you’re a ranch dressing lover (and really, who isn’t?), these soft, moist and buttery muffins are for you, and perfect for your chili night. 

To prepare the muffins, you’ll need a pouch of Betty Crocker cornbread and muffin mix, which you can find in your grocery store’s baking aisle with the other yummy muffin mixes. You’ll also need milk, an egg, and bottled (or homemade) ranch dressing. I used buttermilk ranch dressing in this recipe for a little extra flavor, but regular ranch dressing works just as well. If you want, you can slice up a fresh jalapeño pepper to garnish the top of each muffin, too.


Combine the muffin mix, ranch dressing, milk and egg in a large bowl and stir until just combined. There may be a few remaining lumps, but that’s OK. You don’t want to over-mix or you’ll lose that classic cornbread moistness/softness.


Divide the batter among six paper baking cups in a regular-size muffin tin. Top each muffin with a slice of jalapeño pepper, if desired. Bake 16 to 18 minutes until muffins are baked through and lightly golden on top.


The best part about cornbread muffins is that you can serve them straight from the oven, warm and ready to pair with your loaded Progresso chili bowl! You can even use the muffins as another topping, which I love to do.


Yummy, satisfying comfort food just doesn’t get any easier than this.