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How to Air Fry Carrots

Created September 17, 2021
You know that moment when you’re over your go-to recipes? Maybe you're vegan, vegetarian or just looking for a new, tasty meatless Monday switch-up. Drumroll, please! We’ve got your answer. Enter air fryer carrots!

Thanks to a medley of spices, these air fryer roasted carrots are the perfect substitution for bacon. You still get that satisfying bacon crunch and burst of flavor, only in veggie form. It's easy to swap out bacon for air-fried carrots to create a meal everyone can enjoy. And if you’re just looking for an excuse to buy an air fryer, this is it! Blame it on us—we’ll take the fall for you.

How To Prep Air-fried Carrots


We like to get started by using a vegetable peeler to create strips. The goal is to end up with 40 strips, so you'll need about two medium carrots.

Next, it’s all about that special sauce. If we’re making them, you know the sauce will pack a delightful and flavorful punch! Combine vegetable oil, soy sauce, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, liquid smoke, chili powder, onion powder and pepper. Then place your carrots strips into a bowl with the sauce to let them marinate for a few minutes.

Ideal Temperature and Time


Cook your air fryer carrots in batches at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 to 9 minutes, stopping the air fryer every 1 to 2 minutes to check on doneness. Make sure to use kitchen tongs to mix them up so you get each part of the carrot nice and crispy. After all, we’re all about that epic crunch.

What To Expect

In a word, goodness. Air fryer roasted carrots are sweet yet savory and can be subbed into most meals that call for bacon. They’re also great to snack on or used in a recipe as a topping. With a satisfying crunch and vibrant coloring, they’re perfect for elevating a meal.

Recipe Inspiration

Get creative with where and when you use your air-fried carrots. If you’re looking for our favorite recipes to swap bacon for air fryer carrots, we got you. Why not try a BLT Sandwich, BLT Mac and Cheese, Southwestern BLT Taco Salad or even Impossibly Easy BLT Pie! The real answer is—there is no right answer. Go air fryer carrots crazy!

The beauty of air fryer carrots is that you can add them to anything without ever excluding anyone. Meals everyone can enjoy? Now that’s a mood.