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Celebrate Shark Week with a Breakfast to Remember

By Cassie Rangel
Created January 10, 2017
Little ones’ jaws will drop when they sit down to a breakfast of shark-shaped pancakes.

Before you start your next day at the beach, try surprising your loved ones with this shark pancake. You’ll be surprised to see how many smiles one of the world’s most feared creatures can elicit when swimming in a pool of syrup.

In addition to a box of Bisquick and its required ingredients, you’ll need an apple, a raisin and chocolate hazelnut spread. I prefer to use a squirt bottle to dispense the batter and you can find more pancake art tips here.


I normally choose to prep the fruit in advance so when the pancake comes off the griddle, I can quickly add the decoration and serve the pancake still warm. Using a sharp knife, cut two thin slices off the apple. Slice a strip into a zig-zag pattern to create the teeth and cut out a circular area to use for the eye. Place a raisin on top of the circular piece of apple and set aside.


After mixing the batter, pour half of the batter into a squirt bottle and leave the remaining batter in the bowl. Using the squirt bottle, draw the outline of the shark onto a heated griddle. This shape may take some practice, so I recommend drawing the shark on paper a few times before jumping straight to the griddle.


Wait a few seconds before slowly pouring batter from the bowl into the shark shape. The outline should act as a dam and keep the batter from overflowing. Flip and remove once the pancake turns a golden color and most of the bubbles have popped.


Place your creation onto a plate and add the apple teeth and eye. Draw on gill slits with chocolate hazelnut spread. I personally use a chopstick to apply the spread, but use what you have available in your kitchen. Dipping a fork and dragging the tines would work, too.


I added a few crackers to complete my edible underwater scene, but this step is when you’ll need to use your imagination while scavenging your cupboards. Perhaps try adding dollops of blueberry yogurt “bubbles” or crush graham crackers for “sand.”