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Impromptu Party: Frozen Pops

By Kayla Knudson
Created January 10, 2017
Parties don’t have to be perfect affairs planned down to the last detail; they can be the exact opposite—spontaneous, in-the-moment celebrations of life as it happens (without the banners, balloons and matching napkins). Our new summer series pairs fun get-togethers and fuss-free food for impromptu parties you can throw whenever the mood strikes.
raspberry lemonade pops

Happiness is a cool treat on a hot day. Enter frozen pops of every shape and flavor. While they take a small bit of planning ahead, there’s a big payoff at the end—enough frosty treats to wow an entire crowd. Mix up a few batches tonight and call the gang over tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be as excited as kids chasing down an ice cream truck, guaranteed!