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Honey Spiced Winter Squash

By Becky Rosenthal
Created January 10, 2017
Find a beautiful squash and enjoy this simple recipe, a perfect side for cozy fall dinners.
Honey Spice Winter Squash

There are a few recipes my husband and I have a tradition of making every year. This recipe comes from one of my grandma's journals, one with a yellow cover titled 'vegetables' on the front. Each journal has a handwritten index on the front, with page numbers throughout the journal—this Honey-Spice Squash comes from page 71 with the notation of a date of 1980.  
The recipe for this squash is easy and versatile. Sometimes we change it up just a bit, adding less spice and swapping out the honey for maple syrup, but the idea remains the same. Feel free to use whatever winter squash you have access to (delicata, acorn or carnival), slice in half lengthwise, bake using a simple steaming method, fill with the sweet sauce, then bake again. 

This recipe has been passed down to me and I'll continue to make it every year hoping one day to pass it on to my kids.