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Game On Lunchboxes

By Corey Valley
Created January 10, 2017
Little ones love sports? Fuel them up for game day with one of these fun, energy-packed lunches.

For my family, September marks the kick-off of sports season. To get my little athletes pumped up for game day, I like to pack them a fun sports-themed lunch. Did the coach schedule a long after-school practice? These lunch ideas can double as a super post practice snack! Turn that boring old burger bun into an edible basketball in seconds. After assembling your sandwich, draw four basketball lines on top of the bun with a food-safe food-coloring marker. To make this lunch a slam dunk, add in some carrots, Chex® Mix and Yoplait Trix yogurt!


You'll surely score a touchdown with your little football fan with this easy to make lunch. After assembling your child's favorite sandwich, cut it into an oval and add some football laces with food coloring. Add in some pretzels, tomatoes and yummy to complete this lunch.


To create this lunch, start with an open-faced sandwich, using white cheddar, provolone or mozzarella cheese. Cut two strips of Betty Crocker's Fruit By The Foot and place on cheese to form your baseball. To make the mini baseball bats on the right, simply wrap strips of Fruit By The Foot on one end of the pretzels. Batter up!


What sports do you kids love to play?