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Easy Tips for a Healthier Year

Created January 17, 2018
We know … it’s hard to get motivated when all you want to do is hibernate, but if you’re working toward a healthier you this year, these quick and easy lifestyle changes can really add up.

Even if you’re ready to tap out on resolutions — don’t give up yet! You can still make some simple lifestyle changes for a healthier year.

  • Take the stairs — nothing will wake you up quicker than a few flights of stairs in the morning!
  • Try a 100-calorie snack recipe instead of heading to the vending machine. Make a batch ahead of time so they’re easy to grab and go.
  • Make it a habit to park farther away from your destination so you can get in some extra walking. Bike or walk if your destination is less than a mile away.
  • If you work a desk job, try to get up once every hour to move around. Setting a timer will help remind you!
  • Take a walk each day to decompress. This is a great time to breathe deeply and be mindful and present.
  • Move your body 30 minutes each day. It works just as well to do it in three 10-minute increments if that’s all you have time for!
  • Try taking your coffee black, which will cut back on calories and sugar first thing in the morning.
  • Make your own meals instead of going out, so you know exactly what’s in your dinner. 
  • Test out your green thumb by planting a garden or indoor pots of herbs. It’s an easy way to add a fresh element to your meals and a fun new activity.
  • Reach for veggie-centric dishes as often as you can. You’ll get a boost of nutrition and feel great.

Eating lighter doesn’t have to be any less delicious. Find more health and diet recipes right this way.