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College Care Package Ideas

Created January 10, 2017
From easy-to-make meals and Grandma’s homemade cookies to laundry necessities—see Betty’s best bets for sending a little love to students living far away from home.
College Care Package Ideas

Between dealing with professors, roommates and a jam-packed schedule, college life is definitely a balancing act. Help students stay grounded by sending a care package that contains all of the comforts of home and a few thoughtful surprises. We’re sure these essentials will be a welcome addition to any dorm room or apartment:

  • A box of Helper to make mealtime a whole lot easier and still ensure a hot, hearty dinner for the student who doesn’t have the time (or the kitchen) to prepare an elaborate dish. 
  • Green Giant Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips for guilt-free late-night snacking.
  • A favorite Christmas-tree ornament or new holiday decoration like a snowflake garland to brighten up a drab dorm. 
  • Freshly baked cookies from Grandma will give your kid a taste of the holidays. If your student has access to an oven, send a cookie pouch or two so easy homemade cookies are always within reach. 
  • A fresh bath towel—and a roll of quarters for laundry day.
  • Tissues, vitamin C packets and throat lozenges for the inevitable sniffles that come with the stress of late-night cram sessions.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones for cranking out a term paper when noisy roommates don’t show any signs of leaving.
  • A coffee-shop gift card to keep them cozy and caffeinated.