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Cold-as-Ice Treats

Created January 10, 2017
Watermelon Mojito Cocktail Pops
Beat the heat with 20 cool pops and frozen desserts that chill in the freezer until show time.

Pops for Everyone

Don't wait for the ice cream truck! Make these frozen pops at home with juice, Yoplait, or a little boozy kick. For a perfect pop every time, try the Zoku Quick Pop Maker new to our Betty Crocker Store. Want even more frozen pop ideas? Check out Betty’s 20 Best Frozen Pop Recipes new e-book for just 99 cents.

Party-Perfect Sandwiches

Reimagine the ice cream sandwich in a doubly-delicious new way. Give ice cream or frozen yogurt the one-two smash with delicious cookies or waffles for an easy make-ahead party treat.

Icy Cool Treats

Not into ice cream? Not a problem! Seek deep-freeze refreshment with these icy all-stars.