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Celebrate Earth Day with 3 Adorable Lunchbox Ideas

Created January 10, 2017
Surprise your kids with an out-of-this-world lunch that will keep them celebrating all day long!

We love celebrating Earth Day with little ones! It makes for the perfect opportunity to teach them about the importance of caring of our planet—and enjoying yummy food while doing it doesn’t hurt!

Our first of three lunchbox is filled with—what else—fresh and tasty treats! Our earth-inspired sandwich is easier to make than you might think. Using a biscuit cutter, cut two circular pieces of bread. We made our out-of-this-world sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, but any type of sandwich will work. To create the continents, we used a Fruit Roll Up and cut out the shapes using the green portion. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfect! For greenery, we added broccoli ‘trees’ to the lunchbox landscape, in addition to cut-up apples. Yellow and white cheese curds help to complete the meal.


Reduce, reuse, recycle is the theme for our next lunch, complete with a recycling sign sandwich. To make this sandwich, simply cut out two pieces of bread using a biscuit cutter. Using the cheese of your choice, stack three pieces on top of each other and cut out an arrow. Place on top of the sandwich in a circular pattern to complete the “sign.” In addition to the fun sandwich, we added a delicious Larabar along with a handful snap peas. For a pop of color, we included kiwi and blueberries, and topped off the lunchbox with a Go-Gurt.


Our final lunchbox doesn’t just celebrate the earth, it celebrates our moon, too! To make the moon-shaped sandwich used a moon-shaped cookie cutter to form a celestial ham and cheese sandwich. We added a Larabar along with fun-to-eat blueberries and cooked edamame. To make the rainbow Chex bar we used this recipe. Instead of making one batch, we divided the recipe into five small batches and added food coloring to each portion individually and stacked each colorful layer. We also added fruit Gushers as a finishing touch, because everybody loves them!

Making Earth Day extra-special is easy with any one of these lunch boxes! How will you celebrate?