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Camp Betty: No-Heat Week

By Erin Madsen
Created January 10, 2017
Keep cool with Betty’s DIY ideas for frosty summer fun.

Kids love to watch their kitchen creations transform—it’s a little piece of science in action. Escape the heat with easy fruit-sweetened frozen treats like Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurt Pops, Cheerios Frozen Bananas and our new Cascadian Farm Granola-Fruit and Yogurt Pop from Betty blogger Jessica Walker. Chill, eat and repeat for a fun family activity all summer long. Short on time and ingredients? Yoplait Trix Yogurt will include frozen ring pops in packs this summer. Transform your yogurt into a frozen pop in a flash, for a limited time.


If you’re feeling crafty, keep cool while making an artful mark! Make your own colorful sidewalk ice chalk with this super-helpful how-to from Reading Confetti. Watch the colors melt into a slippery rainbow as you work, then make cleanup fun and fast with a sprinkler or hose!


When it’s too hot for indoor play, it’s time to go on a treasure hunt in ice! We love this cute idea from Counting Coconuts that keeps kids made in the shade— for an hour anyway. Drop small age-appropriate toys into a cake pan or bucket, fill with water, squeeze in food coloring and freeze. Then give the kids tools to excavate! For younger kids, if an ice block is too cold, you can always submerge bath toys in a bowl of gelatin for cool, squishy fun.


Make a rainy-day breakfast or afternoon snack bright with plenty of fresh fruit. Convert an empty cereal box into a creative Rainbow Bento Box for a colorful cereal and fruit tray packed with kids’ favorite foods.