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Betty’s Dessert of the Year Collections

Created January 10, 2017
Chocolate, cake, salty-sweet, caramel-drizzled, nutty & à la mode: Here are the top-rated dessert recipes in the categories you told us you loved the most!
dessert of the year collections

To create our dessert of the year for 2015, we turned to you for answers. For two months, we ran banners on, asking how you like your desserts, pitting chocolate vs. vanilla, pie vs. cake, sweet vs. salty, hot vs. à la mode, smooth vs. crunchy, nuts vs. no-nuts, caramel topping vs. berries, to find out exactly how you like your sweets. Across the board, your opinions were consistent, and below, you’ll find top-rated recipes from the categories you told us you loved the most.