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For the Love of New Betty Crocker™ REESE’S Products and Recipes

Created January 23, 2023
Betty Crocker REESE'S Baking Mixes Collection
Hey, peanut butter lovers! Yes, you! Are you craving some easy, tasty, top-notch REESE'S breakfasts and desserts? You’ve come to the right place.

Shop Your New Favorite Mixes

Our New Betty Crocker™ REESE'S mixes are sure to inspire you and your little bakers! With each mix, you can let your creativity shine throughout. We recommend having some fun music play while you bake to enhance the memories you’ll make in the kitchen. Click the products below to buy now.

Take It to the Next Level

Bettys, we know these peanut-buttery creations will be love at first bite. All you need is our New Betty Crocker™ REESE'S mixes and a little imagination. First, you’ll start with a mix of your choosing, then you’ll have the option to take it to the next level with a plus-up recipe we’ve provided just for you! Now, let’s put that Betty can-do attitude to great use and bake up something a little extra and a whole lot of special.