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Crafting Thanksgiving Memories with Your Chef Jr. – Kid Edition

Created October 31, 2022
Everything you need to craft new, memorable moments with your little ones.

“Look, the leaves are changing!” Every parent knows what that means. Thanksgiving is on its way, and Betty has just the thing to spend more quality time with your kids leading up to the Turkey Day feast.

We crafted a tasteful list of kid-friendly recipes, just for you. Planning and preparing your Thanksgiving dinner is a family affair after all — especially for the little ones in your flock. From a cheesy appetizer to get your little turkeys started, to Thanksgiving side dish classics that’ll keep them engaged, to a sweet treat they’ll love to help bake by your side — there’s something for everyone.

Activities and Games

Hungry for seconds? There are plenty of other fun things you and your little one can do while your food is cooking. Here are some of Betty’s personal go-tos to keep your kid engaged and happy throughout the day.

Parade Charades - Turn on the TV and tune into everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving Day parade. As you monitor each dish you have cooking, your little one can choose a float or character they see on screen and act it out for you to guess. For each correct answer, you can give your kid a small treat or maybe let them be the taste tester of whichever meal you are currently watching over.

Place Card Roulette - Ask your kid to help write out the names of all the expected guests, a fun fact about each, and a custom Thanksgiving-themed picture on multiple sheets of paper. Give them plenty of crayons in various colors so they can really have some fun with it. Once they’re done, carefully cut them out and hand the stack to your little one. Have them toss them all up into the air, then ask them to grab one at a time and place them on the Thanksgiving table. Congrats, you now have a custom seating chart, crafted by your Chef Jr.

Betty's Cornucopia of Fun

Are you excited to spend Thanksgiving Day with your child? These sweet, kid-friendly Thanksgiving Day tips only scratch the surface. There’s another cornucopia of completely NEW ideas to help you craft more memories with an older, pre-teen Chef Jr. New recipes, new tips and everything you need to savor the moment this Thanksgiving with your older kid. Check out Crafting Thanksgiving Memories with Your Chef Jr. – Pre-Teen Edition.

Don’t forget to capture all the moments you share with your kid. It’s always nice being able to look back on the memories you’ve made. Tag us on social using @BettyCrocker.