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New Betty Crocker™ OREO® Baking Mixes and Frosting

Updated January 19, 2024
New! Betty Crocker Oreo Baking Mixes
Introducing four new Betty Crocker™ baking mixes MADE WITH REAL OREO® COOKIE PIECES! They’re everything you love about OREO® Cookies with a fresh-baked twist and creamy whipped frosting on top. 

Hear that? It’s the sound of dessert lovers everywhere celebrating the sweetest duo to ever hit the baking aisle. New Betty Crocker™ OREO® baking mixes and whipped frosting are ready to start the biggest flavor party of the year! 

That rich and creamy filling, the classic chocolate wafer crunch—now you can have everything you’ve always loved about OREO® Cookies, right inside your favorite Betty brownie and cake mixes. They’re the perfect opportunity to have fun, unwind and let your baking creativity shine in a new and delicious way!

Made with Real OREO® Cookie Pieces

Try all four new flavors: OREO® Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Lava Cake and White Cake—and don’t forget the OREO® Creme Flavored Whipped Frosting! Each one is a deliciously sweet treat for weeknights, weekends, parties with friends or any time you need to satisfy your cravings for flavor and fun. 

OREO® and OREO® Wafer Design are trademarks of Mondeléz International Group, used under license.